Barber Battle

The FreeStyle Competition 

Each competitor has 40 minutes to complete and will be judged and scored on the following:

Competitor has an option to do what ever he or she wants on model with no reference such as paper, cell phone, tablet etc,.  

The Fade-n-Beard Competition

Each competitor has 45 minutes to complete and will be judged and scored on the following:

Model must have at least a #2 guard or higher on hair and some form of facial hair in order to qualify in fade/beard category.

The Fastest Fade Competition 

Competitor Has 15 minutes to complete fade, competitor will be judged on the following: 

Speed and finished product 

Tag-Team cut-n- Design

Two Competitors team have 60 mins to perform a freestyle cut and style on model. The model can be pre-colored and artificial and or props can be added to create an extreme look if necessary. 

Student Freestyle Competition

The student will have 50 minutes to perform their best freestyle design. Students are Allowed to have their school instructors coach them on stage during competition. 

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